Why I Wasn’t an ELED Major

Maybe a better title for this post might be, “How Have I Found Myself Consistently Substitute Teaching at an Elementary School?” but I technically wrote this on Friday while on a lunch break, so I’ll leave it mostly as-is.

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The Editing Process: When You’re Looking at Someone Else’s Work

A few days ago, I posted some advice on how to edit your own work when you get to that step in the writing process. Editing is, maybe unfortunately for some, one of the more grueling parts of writing, and for a lot of us, we might not have the chance to have someone else help us. On the other hand, there are those of us out there whose primary focus is editing–specifically, editing the work of other writers. There might be a few different reasons why you’ve been put into the position of “editor;” maybe you’re friends with the person who wrote something and you owe them a favor, maybe you’re a beta reader, maybe it is literally your job to edit the work of other people.

Whatever the reason is (and I’ve been in a number of those positions), here are some of my personal guidelines for editing other people’s work.

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Dead Poets Society and a Preemptive Daily Roundup

As a movie, I think I like “Dead Poets Society” very much. For one thing, I like Robin Williams (who doesn’t?) and for another thing, I’m generally drawn to things that take place in schools (either boarding or college).

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