The only things apparently incapable of making me relive past traumas right now are, I guess, hockey and the Food Network. I can say, well I just won’t go on social media, or watch certain television shows for until as long as I stop spacing out, returning to these moments, but then I go to the bathroom on my campus and there is a flyer on the door telling me statistics of rape in colleges during August through October. The flyer says, on the left column, “Remember! Get consent every time!” like this is not a given–because apparently it is not.

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Does Superboy Have a Soul

It’s a question that he asks, too. It could become a real question for test tube babies to ask themselves should we ever get to that point in cloning, creating a potential existential crisis in future generations. Right now, it acts as a hypothetical, something that doesn’t need to be answered (do we have souls, either? There’s no way of actually knowing, but depending on our upbringing, we’re asked to believe that yes, we do), or if it does, it’s something that we can approach from the relatively safety of thinking about literature. Does Superboy have a soul? Does Frankenstein’s monster?

It can provide a lot of comfort to only have to think about things in abstract.

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A Few Thoughts About “Star Trek Beyond”

I did not like “Star Trek Into Darkness.” To be honest, I really am not a big fan of the whole grim-dark thing that a lot of male geeks in particular love to lap up. At this point, it’s overrated and overdone to the point where even Superman’s gone dark. As someone who grew up watching “Star Trek” (as in, the original series) with my dad, I felt a huge disconnect between the source material and what ended up playing out on screen–and that’s not even beginning to touch on the whitewashing of Khan in Benedict Cumberbatch’s portrayal of the character.

Fortunately, “Star Trek Beyond” is an incredibly different movie from the one that came before it. This review is mostly spoiler free, but if you’re worried, wait to click “read more” until after you’ve seen the movie to decide whether or not you agree with me.

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Why I Don’t Need Older Feminists Telling Me to “Vote for Hillary”

My new article is live over at The Odyssey. I’m still really heated about Steinem and Albright’s comments about young female voters, and you should be, too. If you like the article, you should share it on Facebook and Twitter.