Review Requests

When people have sent me book review requests, but I haven’t had the opportunity to fulfill them yet, those books are listed here. Once the review happens, they’ll come off and go onto the book review master list. If you’ve requested a book or an author but don’t see it on here yet, give me a gentle poke or reminder by tweeting me at @Jill_Boger. Additionally, if you do see an author here you’ve requested but the book I’ve picked for review is not one you want to see, also let me know at @Jill_Boger. I appreciate requests and suggestions.

One final word on the review requests: If you give me an author but not a book, I’m more than likely to pick their most recent or upcoming book to review. If you’re interested in a specific book, let me know the exact title!

Book Requests:

  1. “Miranda and Caliban” Jacqueline Carey (Release Date: Feb. 14, 2017)
  2. “Glimpses” Lynn Flewelling

Author Requests:

  1. Jacqueline Carey
  2. Lynn Flewelling
  3. Gail Carriger


*As another sidenote: I’m adding any books that people ask me to request onto a Barnes and Noble wishlist. More likely than not, I’ll end up buying the books myself, but they’re there in the event some kind person wants to buy them for me since books are expensive. Because of FCC laws and personal integrity, credit–like a namedrop or a shout out or whatever “Lets Play” Youtubers do when one of their subscribers send them a game–would be provided to anyone who did make the purchase. Though purchases certainly don’t have to be made via Barnes & Noble (pick Amazon if you’re buying any book and it’s cheaper that way or, better yet, support locale business stores!), the wishlist also provides an official synopsis of what books to be expecting.

That B&N wishlist is located here.