Original Fiction

Find links to the Smashbook pages for my original fiction here. All short stories run at about 99 cents USD.

  1. “Antediluvian”
    Charles, a college student in the 1940’s, is about to go to war. He has yet to tell his best friend, Hugo, his plans to enlist. He wonders how much their relationship might mimic that of the heroes in the Classic literature they study. Words: ~3800.
  2. “Alpenglow”
    Spring awakens new feelings in everyone, every season, regardless of whether you’re a child watching Star Wars for the first time or a senior in college preparing to graduate. Brennan falls into the latter category. Here, he tries to figure out what his feelings towards his best friend, Chris, mean in relation to the romantic relationships everyone else expects him to be able to pursue. Words: ~2600

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