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Want to buy any of my short stories in a show of support for my writing (or because you think I’m a pretty talented writer?) Want to check out the prose and fiction I write on a regular basis? Click this link to see the short stories I’m publishing. They start at 99 cents per story. If you buy it and like it, tell me and tell your friends.

The Odyssey
Where I used to write weekly articles that can be shared on Facebook and Twitter. Topics are generally more related to lifestyle and current events. Think of it like an archive.

Mostly inane comments. Frequently updated.

Less frequently updated than Twitter, but generally with more pictures. Mostly of my cat.

Book Review Request Wishlist
Any review request I get for books I don’t always own will end up on this wishlist. This isn’t to say, “Please buy me these books, because books are expensive,” but if you do ever request something and are willing to buy me a review copy, I’m not going to complain.

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And as a last ditch thing:

These short story collections are old, and were written long before I got the good sense to, you know, edit more before posting. I wrote them because I needed some extra cash back when I was still in college. The books are still valid, but I’d rather put these here than as links under my Original Fiction tab. Check them out if you’re interested in embarrassing old writing.