Like my writing (including the incredibly small amount of prose I’ve shared on this blog) and interested in seeing more? I work on commissions. Generally speaking, people are satisfied with the writing I’ve done, and I’ll write most genres. My most popular prose is based on Greek mythology and most requested genre is romance, but I can do other things too.

For some writing guidelines, consider the following:

  • $1 per 100 words (price negotiable over 3k words)
  • Work sent via email as preferred file type (.mobi, .pdf, Google Doc, Word Doc)
  • Payment via PayPal invoice
  • Commissioner’s right to request changes and edits to the work
  • Most prompts accepted

Additionally, I provide editing services given that I’ve been editing for the better part of three years. At least one of the journals I worked as an editor on (“The Bridge” volume 12) has won several awards. I can edit most types of writing (scientific would be the only I’m unsure about).

Editing notes:

  • Price negotiable based on how in-depth the editing is (am I looking at content or just grammar?)
  • Will beta read fiction and other prose
  • Will edit essays

If you’re interested or would like to see more writing samples before commissioning me, email me at I check it far more often than the address would suggest.