First Results: Fandom History & Interaction Survey

Yesterday on kind of a whim after a discussion about fandom and our own experiences within it, a couple of friends and I ended up throwing together a survey to ask other people about how they’ve been involved with fandom and fandom discourse/wank/drama. Initially I didn’t think there would be very many responses, but the fact that there has been (a little over 325 in under 24 hours!) suggests to me that people are interested in sharing their fandom experiences, and the response that I’ve gotten to the survey on Twitter tells me that other people are interested in the results.

I do want to offer a disclaimer before showing any of the results: everything is anonymous, and while I could have asked Google to make people sign in to complete the survey and ensure that they only did it once, I decided against it in fairness to people who don’t want their results associated with the Google account, people who don’t have Google accounts, and in the event that Google would show me people’s emails. I don’t want that information. The demographic info I asked for was to see trends in who was responding, not identification purposes. Additionally, the data that we decided to collect isn’t for an intricate study on human behavior–I came up with in an afternoon (literally yesterday), and so the questions haven’t been run through IRB approval. If I were doing things totally right, they would have had to have been. That said, the survey is voluntary. I’ve been really pleasantly surprised by the amount of people who’ve responded, and the depth in the open-ended question responses tells me that fans care about this sort of thing.

The questions were as unbiased as we could make them–there are a few instances where I left off “non-applicable” instructions, and while one person has said it’s biased not to include it, the reason is honestly because by that point I figured most people would know to put it if it didn’t apply to them (and most people did). Because I have no way of knowing who answered what, I have asked questions about sending and receiving hate messages. The point of the survey is not to judge people who have sent them, but to understand why they were sent in the first place, and to talk about trends in discourse. It was my first attempt at making a survey of this kind of scale, and now going through and looking at the first round of data collection.

If you’re interested in taking the survey, you can do so here.

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Indie Author Monday: Chelsea Mason-Basiliere

It’s been a little while since the last Indie Author Monday was posted, but you can check that one out here. This week, I’m looking at “The Lives of Merfolk” by Chelsea Mason-Basiliere.

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New Short Story: “Antediluvian”

Okay, okay. Technically, I wrote this story back in December, when it appeared in a slightly different form on my Patreon. That said, Patreon really wasn’t working for me, so I ended up creating a Smashwords account. “Antediluvian” is available for purchase on Smashwords for 99 cents. Check it out, and if you like it, tell your friends to check it out, too. I plan on putting up at least one story every other week (if that’s possible, given that I’m also planning on trying to take on a lot of different jobs).

“Antediluvian” is a short story about Charles, who’s about to go off to fight in WWII, and his best friend. They bond over the Iliad, so if you’re into that kind of thing, it’s probably the right story for you.

If you end up liking the story and want to give me more than just the 99 cents for the eBook, consider sending me a coffee through So far this month, tumblr users TicTocRabbit and Queerbriel have already donated. Thanks!

Indie Author Monday: Zina Hutton

Last week, I started a new feature that I’m calling “Indie Author Monday.” Rather than writing a review of a new book I’ve read that was published by a major publishing house, on Mondays I’ll be featuring independent authors. Previously featured on “Indie Author Monday” was Meyari McFarland, and you can read that review (as well an explanation of why this is a thing) here. This week, I’m featuring Zina Hutton.

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Indie Author Monday: Meyari McFarland

I’ve been reaching out to folks on Twitter to give me some books to review (and I’m still accepting requests because I’m looking to advise other people before they buy books) while I wait for my copy of Punderdome 3000 to arrive from Blogging for Books. I was asked if I would be willing to review books if authors themselves reached out to me, and the answer is: Of course! If you’re an indie author, I’d love to review your book. Meyari McFarland (who has a wordpress blog here) was kind enough to send me a free copy of “Broken Sword of Night,” thus starting a new feature I’m starting (and hoping to keep doing) where I review work by an indie author.

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An Open Letter to People Who Write and Work for the Odyssey Online: Change Your Passwords NOW

I, a person with ZERO training in tech, was able to get into a writer’s account because I knew the general arrangement of passwords that the CMS spits out.

This is not a post about books. (My next review is most likely going to be about Darrin Lunde’s “The Naturalist,” which is about Teddy Roosevelt and unrelated to this.) This is a post about password security and The Odyssey.

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“Am I Acting How Christ Would?”: A Response to “A Christian’s Response to the Orlando Shootings”

I haven’t said anything about what happened in Orlando because I wasn’t exactly sure what kind of words I wanted to use. And then, a friend linked me to this incredibly callous and homophobic Odyssey article, and I kind of figured out something.

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