Hair Removal: Men’s Razors Aren’t Necessarily Better Than Women’s

A while ago on Twitter, I joked about making a post comparing different kinds of hair removal tools. I bought men’s razors because they were cheaper, and I had a box of Sally Hansen’s Hair Remover Wax Strips on hand (I bought them a while ago, but I’ve been reliably told that they haven’t changed). Because I was still fresh from my most recent encounter with a Bic Soleil razor, I figured I was probably at the perfect moment to compare the results.


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Body Products

I asked some of the people who check in on this blog from time to time what they want to see me write about. It’s still mostly going to be about books and media, particularly reviews of books and media and thoughts associated with current media goings-on. That said, one of my friends suggested, “Hey, you should write more movie reviews, and also, why not do beauty products, too?” I’m taking her advice.

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