It Is Done

Or as close to done as I can see it, and I can finally stop stressing about something I never needed to have stressed over in the first place. Year three.



If you want to save your local bees, you cannot rely on corporations to do it for you. While it’s a nice sentiment for Cheerios and Burt’s Bees (which, to be fair, they’ve almost always had a commitment to the environment) to take a stand to support our endangered species (we’re counting down months until this planet is no longer habitable), it is impossible for them to know what plants are actually suited for your own habitat. A while ago, I reviewed a book about gardening for bees, but here are some other steps you can take.

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Does Superboy Have a Soul

It’s a question that he asks, too. It could become a real question for test tube babies to ask themselves should we ever get to that point in cloning, creating a potential existential crisis in future generations. Right now, it acts as a hypothetical, something that doesn’t need to be answered (do we have souls, either? There’s no way of actually knowing, but depending on our upbringing, we’re asked to believe that yes, we do), or if it does, it’s something that we can approach from the relatively safety of thinking about literature. Does Superboy have a soul? Does Frankenstein’s monster?

It can provide a lot of comfort to only have to think about things in abstract.

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