Notes Before Turning 23

My birthday is in 20 minutes where I am, which is about how long it would take me to get to where I was born.

I was going to write a list of things I want to do or books I want to read, but instead I’ll just say this: even though it’s been hard, I am glad to be here, even if I don’t always love my body and even if I could be doing better.

Maybe it’s idealistic but I want to believe we all have a purpose, and when I see politicians trying so desperately to take healthcare access away from other Americans and a PEOTUS who wants to allow oil companies to drill into our national parks, I think this might be the year I know what it is I’m supposed to be doing. Complacency won’t do.


Author: jillboger

Part time writer. Editor-in-Chief for the Bridge volume 13, former EIC for The Odyssey at BSU. My glasses protect my secret identity.

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