‘Kids’ by MGMT Is the Greatest Song Ever Written

This might be a subjective statement, and I’ve been on a kick where I’ve been listening to approximately three songs over the course of a week, but: “Kids” by MGMT is the greatest song ever written.

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How Do You Make Death Appealing? [Review: ‘The Anatomical Venus’]

Here is a fun fact: I used to work at haunted houses. This stems not necessarily from my desire to scare other people (though that is fun), but because, like all proto-goths and many Neoromantics, I have a fondness for the macabre. There’s something breathtaking in death (literally, ha ha ha), and there’s been a long human tradition extending even beyond the black and white film female victims in Hammer Horror films to trying to find something beautiful about death. When I first saw “The Anatomical Venus” on the shelves in my store, I got really excited because it combined two things that I enjoy–that is, wax models of dead people with exposed organs and books talking about the history of science–and I asked for it for my birthday. Lo and behold, here it is, featuring one of the pretty, flayed Venuses on its cover.


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Better for Younger Horror Fans: ‘Slasher Girls & Monster Boys’

It’s probably no secret to anyone who’s been reading this blog for a while (or who knows me in real life) that I enjoy horror, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that, though it’s a YA book, I picked up “Slasher Girls & Monster Boys” (ed. April Genevieve Tucholke).


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‘to them/you must be kindest’ (Rupi Kaur’s ‘milk and honey’)

Books of poetry, in my experience, don’t usually make the top of the “Best Sellers” list, so when one does–and stays there–there must be a significant cultural need for those poems. I picked up “milk and honey” after skimming through it at work, and I’m glad I did.


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