I Started Recommending This Before I Finished Reading It: Sophia Amoruso’s ‘#Girlboss’

Admittedly, I don’t have as much free time now as I did while substitute teaching at high schools–which means that I frequently start books and a long period of time passes by before I’m able to actually finish them. That said, even the beginning of “#Girlboss” was enough to get me recommending it to other people (friends, customers, etc) before I finished the book.



Disclaimer: I was able to get the eBook version of this book for free using Google Play credits from using Google Rewards (much like how I was able to read “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up“). That said, I think I’d still probably spend actual money on this book, and here’s why.

Sophia Amoruso is a genuinely interesting person, and it was exciting to read about how she went from an anti-capitalist young adult to someone who owns her own (extremely successful) business. Sometimes when you’re feeling down about yourself or worried that you’re not going to be able to do the things that you need to do, it helps to hear about how someone–who isn’t a white guy who was able to get funding from his parents–was able to get their but in gear and get to it. This book reminded me that I don’t have enough time in my day to waste on things that are going to get me down, or are going to keep me from succeeding. (The Twitter and blog are also good daily sources of inspiration.)

That’s not to say this book is a how-to guide, so if that’s what you’re looking for (a “how to be a #girlboss” or “how to start your own business” guide, specifically), this isn’t the book for you. In fact, Amoruso very plainly tells readers that that’s not the case. If anything, it’s more of a memoir, but that’s not a bad thing when the person telling her story has good pieces of advice and wants you to succeed, too. I have had men ask if this is a good book to get their daughters, and the answer is yes! Amoruso mentions mistakes that she’s made in the past, but the book is about what works and why it works for her, and if you’re someone who wants to let a girl in your life know that she can be successful doing something that she is passionate about, get her this book!

It wasn’t very often that I was left feeling bored by this book, though I’m not going to say it didn’t happen at all–the thing is, I don’t remember when I was skipping forward because, chances are, they weren’t significant to the overall message of the book.

“#Girlboss” is out in both paperback and hardcover as well as an eBook, and there is a follow-up focused more on the fashion aspects of Nasty Gal, “Nasty Galaxy,” which I haven’t gotten my hands on yet, but is a coffee table-sized book that looks really cool.

Right now, “#Girlboss” is $9.71 in paperback from BN.com and $9.52 from Amazon.


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Author: jillboger

Part time writer. Editor-in-Chief for the Bridge volume 13, former EIC for The Odyssey at BSU. My glasses protect my secret identity.

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