It is easier to write about superheroes than about people,

since nobody would ever want to read a story
about Clark Kent’s third warning from Perry White about
late deadlines and then watch Clark walk home from
work, tired, to a tiny apartment in downtown
Metropolis, where he
heats up a can of vegetarian baked beans in a tiny microwave,
and thinks about his poorly received first draft
and all of the other people on the Planet making fun of him

when they could be reading about Superman
saving the human race from Doomsday
without being human himself

you reason, and dig into a bowl of B&M before getting to work.


‘Everybody got this broken feeling/Like their father or their dog just died’

I was going to make a post about post-election blues, the continued relevance of Langston Hughes, the necessity to vote for the good of the country rather than for the self, and things like that.

Instead,  I got home from a night at work and found out that Leonard Cohen has passed away. I’ll talk about the rest maybe tomorrow, but for now I guess 2016 is still one of the worst years to date and it keeps getting even more miserable. Good night.

Plant Update

It’s been a while since I’ve talked about my plants. There’s not much to say, since it’s November and most of the things I planted back in–March? April? I can’t remember–have died thanks to some unseasonably cold and unseasonably warm weather (as well as it being, you know, November). So here are some words on my houseplants.

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