Hair Removal: Men’s Razors Aren’t Necessarily Better Than Women’s

A while ago on Twitter, I joked about making a post comparing different kinds of hair removal tools. I bought men’s razors because they were cheaper, and I had a box of Sally Hansen’s Hair Remover Wax Strips on hand (I bought them a while ago, but I’ve been reliably told that they haven’t changed). Because I was still fresh from my most recent encounter with a Bic Soleil razor, I figured I was probably at the perfect moment to compare the results.


Before I start, I want to make a point about razors, and it’s that there are plenty of guys who manage to mangle themselves with five-blade razors; in fact, I’m pretty sure I know more guys who cut their faces up shaving than women who cut their legs. I don’t think it comes down to who has to shave more (I know some guys who do shave every day), or even necessarily the razor itself: the skin on certain parts of your body is going to be more susceptible to being cut. I know someone who can only shave his face with a straight razor if he wants to avoid razor burn, too, so it comes down to knowing what’s good for you.

Also, never buy two-blade razors for either gender. They’re cheaper, but I’ve got a scar on my shin and a memory reminiscent of “Cabin Fever” that reminds me every time I want to save money it’s a bad idea.

That said, there is an actual complaint, and it’s that women’s razors are frequently priced higher for the same product. If you want to know whether or not that’s true, compare the store brand razors. Make sure the packages have the same number of razors, and that those razors are, maybe with the exception of the color, the same thing. Generally speaking, a three pack of women’s five-bladed razors is going to cost about the same (or sometimes a little more) than a four pack of men’s five-bladed razors. That’s not something that people make up. If, for no other reason, you choose to switch to using men’s razors, do it because you’ll save money.

1. Men’s Razors v. Women’s Razors

Honestly, there’s not much of a difference besides the price point. I liked the Soleil razors (which is why I’ve used them for so long), but I prefer the increased flexibility of the men’s razors (likely because they’re meant to be used under someone’s jaw). I have noticed fewer razor bumps when I shave my armpits, which is definitely a plus, but I also switched deodorant, so it’s tough to say whether or not it’s because I’m using a men’s razor or a women’s.

Neither is more likely to keep the hair from growing back at its regular rate, though. You’re not pulling the follicle out, and even if you were–there are still folks who have to tweeze every day, too.

2. Sally Hansen’s Hair Removal Wax Strips Kit


Every single time I use these, I think, Oh, this is a great idea! Alright, sure, I have to trim a little bit to use them, but hey, it’s so much more convenient than shaving! I love this!

And I promptly forget about every other time I’ve used them.

I’m sure some people have awesome luck with these, but I have never really been able to get them to work well enough for me. You’re supposed to rub the wax strips between your hands to warm them up (so you don’t have to use a microwave), so maybe I just don’t build up enough kinetic energy. Whatever. When I pulled them off, only a few hairs were removed, and there was a lot of wax left over. Further more, the stuff they include to get the wax off and soothe your skin after the fact really…wasn’t working. Luckily coconut oil did work, and I had that on hand, but at least for a little while, I’m probably not going to try these again. Until I forget and do, probably.

As such, I can’t really say whether or not it keeps hair away for up to eight weeks because: I don’t know. I didn’t do it right.

3. Philips Precision Perfect Trimmer


I ended up just getting one of these from Target for the tough-to-shave areas (which, spoiler: isn’t my face). It might take a little longer since the actual “blade” is pretty small, but generally speaking, I’m not in a rush to get it done. I tested it out on my boyfriend’s admittedly hairy arm, and he now has a bald spot where I tried it, so it seems pretty effective. Furthermore, it’s only $10 at Target, and considering that otherwise I’d also be spending money on shaving cream and possibly even bikini zone after shaving cream to avoid redness and irritation? Doesn’t seem like a large price to pay. It even came with batteries.

Obviously when it comes to hair removal, you’re going to pick something that’s right for your hair type and that’s within your price range. It’s also important to remember that you’re not obligated to shave for anyone, and that, considering how long it takes to actually do it and make sure you don’t have any patches of hair left on your legs or to make sure you’re not going to break out in razor rash, you really should only be shaving if you want to. It’s your time and your money: do what feels right for you.


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Author: jillboger

Part time writer. Editor-in-Chief for the Bridge volume 13, former EIC for The Odyssey at BSU. My glasses protect my secret identity.

2 thoughts on “Hair Removal: Men’s Razors Aren’t Necessarily Better Than Women’s”

  1. the phillips precision trimmer is something i’d been eyeing for a while but was NEVER use about getting cuz i didnt know anyone who actually uses it lol

    also, can you elaborate on why not to use two blade razors? cuz i use em and now im like … mildly side eyeing em.


    1. Yeah! I haven’t used two-blade razors for a while now because I had a bad incident with a Bic one a while ago where it kind of…pulled away more than just hair. I’ll put it that way. Luckily it was on my shin, but I wasn’t too happy and I’ve shied away from them since then.
      As far as the Philips trimmer goes: if it had been more than $10, I probably wouldn’t have gotten it, but I figured, “What’s the worst that can happen?” and so far, nothing bad.


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