Book Weeding

If you’re familiar with how libraries work, you already know what “weeding” is when used to refer to a book collection.

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To Be Fair, Their Other Sequel Was Way Worse: Blair Witch (2016)

Found-footage are always plagued by the concern that they’re usually hit or miss, and the margin for error is so great that when later generations view these movies, the impact of their scares may be lost, or at least not felt as deeply. There are some found-footage that do their job well, many more that don’t, and very few that walk the line of “meh.” For me, “Blair Witch (2016)” kind of straddles that line.

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KonMari, Decluttering, and Some Thoreau-isms

There are very few people in the world who do not have too much stuff. Generally, people accumulate as they exist and it’s easier to gain more things than it is to get rid of them. All my life, I’ve had tendencies towards hoarding–afraid to let go of things thinking that if I got rid of a sweater my mother gave me for Christmas that something terrible would happen–which is why I got “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.

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I Didn’t Know You Were So Into Boxing: A Review of ‘Hands of Stone’

1. I think I might have been one of the only women in the movie theater; generally speaking, boxing fans are men, and, especially when we refer back to older days of boxing glory, it’s going to be older men.

2. All of those 50+ year old men (plus my boyfriend and me) got to see Usher’s bare rear on one of the large projection screens that all Showcase Cinema locations have.

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Hair Removal: Men’s Razors Aren’t Necessarily Better Than Women’s

A while ago on Twitter, I joked about making a post comparing different kinds of hair removal tools. I bought men’s razors because they were cheaper, and I had a box of Sally Hansen’s Hair Remover Wax Strips on hand (I bought them a while ago, but I’ve been reliably told that they haven’t changed). Because I was still fresh from my most recent encounter with a Bic Soleil razor, I figured I was probably at the perfect moment to compare the results.


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