Update for the Week of August 1st

I’ve been meaning to do an actual update for a while besides just the reviews I’ve been posting, so here’s what to look forward to during this month.

  1. Next Indie Author Monday I’ll be featuring Chelsea Basiliere. She was kind enough to send me a free copy of her most recent book–I just haven’t gotten the chance to read through it this week.
  2. Side note: If you’re an independent author, please contact me so I can have more than three authors on my Indie Author Monday feature!
  3. As long as everything goes according to plan (and I’m starting to plan my day down to the very minute, which might say something about me), I should be reviewing “Luck in the Shadows” on Friday. It’s the first volume of Lynn Flewelling’s “Nightrunner” series, and my copy was funded by a coffee purchase from TicTocRabbit over on Tumblr.
  4. Sometime tomorrow, expect a review of the movie “Lights Out.” I saw it this weekend and have some feelings about it.
  5. I have a lot of old sci-fi books that I inherited when my dad died two years ago. I want to make my way through them. Let me know if that’s a feature you want to see. (Let’s be real, I’m going to do it anyway.)
  6. I’m taking review requests, which means if you think I should review a certain book, tell me on Twitter (I’m @Jill_Boger) or email me. Also consider sending me a coffee to help pay for it. I’m brokey-brokey artichokey. Speaking of which…
  7. As soon as I figure out which venue I want to do so through (possibly through this blog and Paypal rather than uploading things to Amazon KDP, since I only get about 40% of each sale on Amazon), I’m going to start selling my short stories. Patreon didn’t really work out for me, but this might be a better option.
  8. After I’m done teaching at the summer camp, I’m planning on revising (significantly) the books I currently have on Amazon. I wrote them when I was 18-19 and didn’t know a lot of things like, you know, that you should edit your work, and they’re kind of a mess right now–both in terms of having grammatical and sometimes spelling issues as well as how some of the content is presented. That said, those first editions are still actually available and can be found by searching my name on Amazon. I wouldn’t recommend them since they’re a little embarrassing, but hey, the option is out there.
  9. Back to the matter of me being broke: As of right now, I do not have a job lined up for after August 12th. I’m looking, but until that happens, any kind of support I can get for this job (and moving out and getting a car because much as I’ve been saving, I really wasn’t able to save my money during school for anything except paying each semester bill on my own). If you’d like to help me out in that way–and I’m going to link to it again, please consider buying me a coffee. Or commission me. Or ask about buying my short stories. Any small amount does actually help.
  10. In the meantime, I am working on a full-length novel based on the Iliad. Sort of. We’ll see what happens when it’s finished.

Author: jillboger

Part time writer. Editor-in-Chief for the Bridge volume 13, former EIC for The Odyssey at BSU. My glasses protect my secret identity.

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