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A Few Thoughts About “Star Trek Beyond”

I did not like “Star Trek Into Darkness.” To be honest, I really am not a big fan of the whole grim-dark thing that a lot of male geeks in particular love to lap up. At this point, it’s overrated and overdone to the point where even Superman’s gone dark. As someone who grew up watching “Star Trek” (as in, the original series) with my dad, I felt a huge disconnect between the source material and what ended up playing out on screen–and that’s not even beginning to touch on the whitewashing of Khan in Benedict Cumberbatch’s portrayal of the character.

Fortunately, “Star Trek Beyond” is an incredibly different movie from the one that came before it. This review is mostly spoiler free, but if you’re worried, wait to click “read more” until after you’ve seen the movie to decide whether or not you agree with me.

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Indie Author Monday: Zina Hutton

Last week, I started a new feature that I’m calling “Indie Author Monday.” Rather than writing a review of a new book I’ve read that was published by a major publishing house, on Mondays I’ll be featuring independent authors. Previously featured on “Indie Author Monday” was Meyari McFarland, and you can read that review (as well an explanation of why this is a thing) here. This week, I’m featuring Zina Hutton.

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“I Thought It Over, and Drew the Curtain”

For one thing, it’s way too late and I have been up for far too long. I spent the past few hours at a friend’s house 40 minutes away during a blackout caused by a lightning storm (as happens this time of year, when the heat and humidity cause that specific kind of friction). I left as the lights came back on–though even then, the lightning was still streaking the sky like a reel from a 1920’s film about dogfights. The only thing missing was the booming thunder.

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Indie Author Monday: Meyari McFarland

I’ve been reaching out to folks on Twitter to give me some books to review (and I’m still accepting requests because I’m looking to advise other people before they buy books) while I wait for my copy of Punderdome 3000 to arrive from Blogging for Books. I was asked if I would be willing to review books if authors themselves reached out to me, and the answer is: Of course! If you’re an indie author, I’d love to review your book. Meyari McFarland (who has a wordpress blog here) was kind enough to send me a free copy of “Broken Sword of Night,” thus starting a new feature I’m starting (and hoping to keep doing) where I review work by an indie author.

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Pretty Sure You Haven’t Ruined Anything, Dude: Watsky’s “How to Ruin Everything”


A few weeks ago, I was complaining about how it’s kind of not cool for YouTubers like Shane Dawson and Pewdiepie to get book deals based on their pre-established YouTube fame, mainly because it means publishing houses are refusing to take on the risk of potentially good talent in favor of guaranteed sells. This is a bad thing for the industry of literature. Someone said to me, “Well, Watsky’s book is good,” and here’s the thing: Watsky? Isn’t really a YouTuber.

Also, his book is good.

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“The Astronaut Wives Club”: Like Chess Club, But Better


Apart from when astronauts post on Twitter and/or Instagram, we Earthlings rarely (if ever) hear about their private lives, including those of their families. Scott Kelly, who spent a year in space, is (I think) the most recent astronaut to grace the cover of a Time-Life publication. However, as Lily Koppel tells us in “The Astronaut Wives Club: A True Story,” the privacy astronauts currently have was not always the case.

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