“Are You Arthur Today?”

1. It’s Friday the 13th.

2. I’m writing this on my phone so I apologize now for any spelling errors.

3. I’m subbing (I guess?) for a marine biology class.

It’s not only Friday the 13th, but also senior skip day at the school and apparently the classes I’m covering are mostly seniors, so I might not have much to do today. It doesn’t hurt that there’s also a paraprofessional for the teacher I’m covering, so there might be two teachers for about three students. Great ratio, I guess.

Yesterday I went to New Hampshire to climb a mountain. It ended up not happening because I forgot my inhaler and started to have an asthma attack. It doesn’t help that I’m not as in shape as I was for the last mountain I climbed, and it also doesn’t help that pollen counts were high, but I still feel really disappointed in myself about it. It does give me a reason to do better later, but I wanted to be able to do it yesterday and I couldn’t.

So that’s why I didn’t update yesterday. Wednesday was all about moving, and I managed to unpack almost everything, which is a first. Tuesday night was nice because I got to hang out with my university family, but really bittersweet since it was my last night staying on campus. This whole period of time is getting me thinking pretty hard about the end of cycles and how, even though it hurts, it has to happen. I want to think I’m ready for it. I want to think that, so maybe soon I’ll actually feel that way.

Book update: I’m in the process of reading two. It’s “Welcome to Night Vale” and “These Heroic, Happy Dead,” and I don’t know if I could have picked two books more different from each other if I tried, which sums up my literary interests pretty accurately. The problem with me trying to find a grad program is that I can’t settle on a type of literature I want to focus the majority of my efforts on. “Night Vale,” if you haven’t listened to the  (totally free) podcast, is very surreal and a little nightmarish at the same time that it touches a visceral need I have for weird, funny horror. It gets gory and absurd in all the right ways, and I need that as a constant thing in the media I engage with. I learned that early on as a kid.

But “These Heroic, Happy Dead”is different in the fact that it follows a vein similar to the one in some of the stories of “The Things They Carried.” It’s about soldiers. I like reading (and watching) these stories. It’s something I care about pretty deeply, for whatever reason it is. I don’t know why. It comes about in poetry, too–it’s important to see the affect trauma from warfare has on people, and literature gives us a way to track it from Homer through today. Maybe this stems from classes on the subject I took in high school, but if I took those classes in the first place, I probably already had an interest in exploring it.

In any case, I’m reading “Night Vale” first, since I’m on a spooky kick, and then finishing and writing a review for “These Heroic, Happy Dead.” There are probably a handful of high school curriculum books I should return to before the end of August  (which isn’t as far away as it might seem, since time flies so fast), and I’ll get there, but May is mostly for me.

Some other notes: I downloaded “Zombies, Run! 5k” from the Google Play store once I realized that I want a solid plan to get in shape again. I had been thinking about it for a while, but yesterday kicked my ass in a bad way, and I don’t want to feel like a failure again. I like running when I’ve been doing it for a while, so I think I’ll be fine once I start doing it again. Walking is fine and all, but since I’m not going to be doing it 2 miles back and forth from work this summer, I need to get into the habit of doing actual exercise. I don’t want to be out of shape, especially since there’s a risk of diabetes coming from both sides of my family.

I graduate tomorrow. It’s freaking me out. I don’t want a party afterwards. I just want a lobster dinner and “Band of Brothers” on DVD since I don’t have HBO anymore.

Sunday I have to revise a lesson plan that I won’t be teaching until July 5th but need ready for a meeting on Monday–as long as I get out of jury duty before it.

I’ll have links to this week’s articles up probably later today. Next week is my last (fingers crossed) week with The Odyssey. As a sidenote, if you’re interested, I am taking commissions for short stories, so.


Author: jillboger

Part time writer. Editor-in-Chief for the Bridge volume 13, former EIC for The Odyssey at BSU. My glasses protect my secret identity.

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