Maybe “Batman v Superman” Isn’t a Bad Movie: Maybe People Are Just Angry

For a journalist, Clark Kent sure spends a lot of his time not writing. Double that for Lois Lane, who goes to interview a war criminal and doesn’t bother bringing any kind of recording device except a film camera—which is easily destroyed, because it’s, you know, film that shouldn’t be exposed to light. That probably bothers me most of all—you’re going to interview someone and you only brought a notebook? What year is it? 1938? People don’t write as fast as other people talk—and only some people are even able to type as fast. Shorthand is fine, but isn’t it better to be able to review exactly what people have said after the fact?


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Writing Sprints

I’m thinking about participating in Camp NaNoWriMo, because I started it last year and I’ve tried the 50k writing sprint for November several times now, and I’d like to say I’ve done it before I graduate. This might be the last time in my life that I have the time to write 50k words in a month: I even have an April Vacation this time (although, let’s be honest, I’ll probably be busy during it as I was during “spring break”).

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“Why Don’t I See Bees on My Bee Plant?”: a review of Frey and LeBuhn’s The Bee-Friendly Garden

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m something of a novice gardener. That said, I have decided to make an attempt to grow some plants, have gotten some seeds to do so, and began reading The Bee-Friendly Garden.

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The Curse of Strahd, Parts 1, 2, and 3

I wrote a three-parter this week on my friend’s recent DnD campaign, which is following “The Curse of Strahd.” If you have any qualms about spoilers, don’t click through.

If you do want to read them, however, links can be found below:

  1. “I’m Looking for Baby-Shaped Things”
  2. “Why Don’t We Just…Leave?”
  3. “I KNEW IT.”

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“Now I Get It. I Died And Went To White Boy Hell.”

“Batman V Superman” gave me the firm reminder that I can’t expect DC and Warner Brothers to ever put out a Superboy movie–even though he’s just as much a 90’s kid as the majority of their audience. I wrote about my gripe with it at The Odyssey.

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Stop Criticizing Teen Girls’ Bodies

Second article of the week, and this one’s a little more serious than the one about pens. Consider the following: insulting the bodies of teen celebrities and accusing them of being anorexic in the name of “comedy” is not only in bad taste, but does little to nothing to help the self-esteem of other girls. Catch it at The Odyssey.