Self-Reliance, Reflection, and Self-Improvement

Yesterday, I took my first walk in the woods near my dorm since probably November 2015. The weather has been atrocious up until about last week, or when it was nice, I wasn’t on campus, so I have a reason to have not been out, but I still feel remiss about it.

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The Value of Attending Public Literature Readings

On Thursday the 25th, my university hosted Paul Murray as part of their Visiting Authors series. I went, because there has only been one Visiting Author I didn’t see (I think because I was busy seeing John Darnielle give his own reading, but that could be wrong—all I know is that the two events took place during the same month), and I have some things to say about the benefit of going to literature readings.

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Belatedly Responding to Wolf in White Van

This is kind spoiler heavy, so if you haven’t read Wolf in White Van yet (or, rather, don’t know the circumstances of the main characters in the book), skip this post.

I got Wolf in White Van when it came out. There was an event in Cambridge that I went to with my friends (the same ones I would later see the Mountain Goats with a few months later—there might be a trend in which friends go where) where John Darnielle would be reading and answering questions about the book, though inevitably someone would ask a question about his band even though it really wasn’t the venue for it. I think the event for the ticket plus the book came to about $20, maybe $24. In any case, I got it and then…waited. It was, if I recall, a Wednesday, and I wanted to wait until the weekend so I could read it straight through—which I did.

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Mark Hamill, Gay Luke Skywalker, and the Hero with a Thousand Faces

This isn’t news anymore. It’s just taken me a really long time to figure out exactly what I want to say about it.

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Preparing to meet our extraterrestrial neighbors.

My article on NASA’s new telescopes is finally out at The Odyssey (a few days later than I would have hoped, but still, out). If you like space, the void, and the potential of meeting other intelligent lifeforms, you should consider sharing this piece.

Nature Walks, Blood Moons, and Downed Tree Huts

I apologize if it sounds at all like I’m in a weird way—maybe spending extended time with the Transcendentalists is getting to me.

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Thinking Again About the Song of Achilles

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