I got new glasses, which were two years overdue. Like so often when one gets a new prescription for their eyes, it’s hard to know how badly your sight was until you put on the new pair and can count individual leaves again.

Yesterday was my birthday, so I could argue that I just started the new year and kind of get away with it.

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Music Year in Review (Part 2)

I was going to write this yesterday but ran out of time. On Friday, I started talking about the albums that have had a significant impact on how 2017 went for me, even if they didn’t come out in 2017. This is part 2 of a 2 part series talking about albums I’ve bought and listened to a lot this year.

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Music Year in Review (Part 1)

This title is misleading because it makes it seem like all the albums that I’m going to talk about came out in 2017 (they didn’t) and/or that I actually bought all of them in 2017 (I didn’t, probably). These are albums, however, that I listened to a lot, and plenty of them I did buy or obtain as review/store play copies this year. A lot of people do end of the year lists like this, and I’m hopping on the bandwagon. Defining albums of my 2017 after the cut.

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Carrie Bradshaw moment: do we condemn women who get plastic surgery for upholding societal expectations for what women’s bodies should be, or do we go straight to the source for making those expectations in the first place? Do we condemn the surgeons, who sometimes do life-saving or life-changing work when sometimes that work crosses our own moralist standards? Do I choose Lee denim over Levis?

This is not actually a post about any of that.

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The only things apparently incapable of making me relive past traumas right now are, I guess, hockey and the Food Network. I can say, well I just won’t go on social media, or watch certain television shows for until as long as I stop spacing out, returning to these moments, but then I go to the bathroom on my campus and there is a flyer on the door telling me statistics of rape in colleges during August through October. The flyer says, on the left column, “Remember! Get consent every time!” like this is not a given–because apparently it is not.

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